Daytime Makeup Tips

For the day make up there should be the appearance like that, fair, spotless and matte complexion which is considered ideal for make up in the beauty world. The colors which are selected for eyes should be neutral, dull and flimsy and the lipstick is also selected according to these tones and shades. First make the base or base with the help of base stick and spread the face powder on the face and neckline to create your skin spotless and reasonable.

Then go for eye makeup and before applying eye shadows make your eyelids more prominent. For that you need you need to make corners of your yes and apply light blue tone of eye shadow on both the corners of eyes. After that apply the white eye shadow on the eye lid to make them more clear.
Now move toward the cheeks. If you desire to have a natural look then your really need to put some extra efforts. create a thin layer of this foundation because it will give you a natural look which magnetize the viewers.

To create your face color additional natural then apply face powder of the light pink color on your skin of face and neck, rub it softly and find a gorgeous appearance full of charm. Now the lipstick should be some what match to your eyeshade so try to put color which is the same of your eye shadow. Otherwise contrasting color will look awkward.

Additional tip for keeping lipstick long: Always make use of primer potion after applying llipstick. As primer potions are designed for your lipsticks to stay longer on your lips.

At final come across your face and neck in the mirror and in particular note this point that the color of your face is identical to the color of your neck. If both the skin colors are similar then you have achieve something to make. Now you are all ready to go out for a lunch or any day party as your makeup is just according to attend any day time ceremony. You will see everyone gets surprise of your this newlook…

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