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Hair Extensions

Long hair has been associated with felinity for long now. Long hair is not just sign of good health but is considered beautiful and sensual. Men consider long hair on women a weakness of theirs. However long hair is no joke, it is time consuming and tiresome and mostly impossible.

However technology has given us a solution to long hair problems too. Long hair overnight is possible now. Hair extension is what I am talking about. Hair extension is gaining popularity with time. Who wants to wait for months for long hair when you can get long hair over night?

Clip-in hair extension has increased popularity of hair extension as solution for long hair. Hair extension doesn’t just give you long hair but also helps add volume to your long hair. Hair extension does follow up with care while shampooing etc but its more or less hassle free.

Hair extension is the latest fad as long hair becomes part of the seasonal trend; easily put on easily removed.

Hair Care Beauty Tips

Hair are one of the most delicate things to be looked after, and their care is equally important. Well, with the help of these tips one can really make a difference if one wishes to. One of the things to keep in mind is that every one has a different type of hair, which requires care not only for the hair but skin type of the scalp. Each is different in this manner. So be sure about what kind of hair you have before you move forward to applying any of these tips. Another thing which affects hair is the environment and the weather condition of the country one lives in.

Basically there are three types of hair, the ones which are dry, the others which are oily and the third type are of fine hair. If you have a dry scalp which itches a lot, then your hair type must be dry. The best you can do to protect these dry hair is never to blow dry them and also do not straighten them out, because you already have dry hair. If you still have to blow dry, then make sure that you use a heat protection spray for your hair. If you are using colour for your hair, then apply the one which is especially made for dry hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo and gently massage it in your hair.

For oily hair, you should a shampoo which is especially made for the oily hair as it will extract extra oil from your hair and will make them healthy and bouncy too. You should not run a lot of fingers in your hair as your scalp is already oily and will get more so by itching. If your scalp is already producing more moisture than is required then you should not use a lot of conditioning. Even if you use it, then keep them away from the roots of the hair.

If you have weak and thin hair with a lot of hair fall, then you have fine hair. They need the most care of all. Try to give your hair good products like a better shampoo especially for the fine hair to give them volume. Do not use the conditioner as this will accelerate the thinning of your hair and will take out the body of the hair that the shampooing has helped to add.

Long Curly Hair

Usually people who have long curly hair are envied by other people, especially those women who happen to have this beauty are a center of attention anywhere. But is it very difficult to maintain the curly hair properly. Some women tend to cut their long curly hair shorter, because they think it would be much easier to mange them if they are short. But when taken care of properly these long curly hair can be a unique beauty to be had. Some of the important tips regarding the matter are as under.

The most important thing is about moisture. It is better that one does not apply a lot of untried substances on long curly hair and should not be pulled tight around the hair brush. Even using hot air to make it straight is not advisable. It is necessary for the beauty of long curly hair that they be left like that naturally. Otherwise, it would only be a waste of time.

It is generally important for maintainance of good hair that quality shampoo and quality conditioners be applied on a regular basis. Curly hair require more moisture than other common hair types. It is advised by the experts that if one is going to use clarifying shampoos, then not to apply them on the hair more than one time during a whole month. Shampoos which are transparent should not be used because their transparency indicates that they contain detergents that will reduce your hair moisture, especially if you wish to manage your long curly hair.

Another important tip that will help you manage the long curly hair is through wetting it before you are going to comb them. This will take out any tangles that you might have. It is in fact better to comb your hair before you are going to wash them. Allow your hair to have a deep conditioning every couple of weeks, or on a monthly basis. It is important for you to avoid using any kind of hot oils on your long curly hair. These are some of the most effective ways to manage your long curly hair.

Top 10 Tips For Hair Care

Follow our Top 10 Hair Care Tips listed below in your daily routine and enjoy a natural bounce and shine in your hair:

(1) Concentrate on a balanced, healthy diet rich in essential nutrients. Ensure the inclusion of calcium, iron and protein in your daily diet.
Eat raw oats since it is a rich source of silica which is vital for hair growth. Vitamin B and C are also essential for hair growth.

(2) Cleansing your hair is important on a regular basis, especially if you live in hot, humid climate. The accumulation of sweat on your scalp can cause fungal infections that can result in loss of hair and other skin problems.
Though it is not possible to monitor the water source regularly, try to avoid using harsh water as it may damage the roots of your hair. Use your fingertips rather than nails while applying shampoos and conditioners on your hair.

(3) The combing technique is crucial for healthy hair. Before combing your hair,
it is better to separate the hair tangles with a wide-tooth comb by combing gently in downward direction. Since your hair is weakest when wet, try to soak it dry with a towel before combing.

(4) Drying your hair with a hair dryer can rob the hair of essential moisture.
Opt for “air dry” rather than “hair dry”.

(5) Condition your hair as often as possible to make up for the harm caused by the pollutants present in the environment
, for ex-sun, chlorine, hard water and air pollution.

(6) Follow a hair trimming procedure on a regular basis to get rid of the spilt ends and ensure a healthy hair growth.

(7) Make use of natural/organic conditioners and shampoos for cleaning and conditioning your hair if you can.
Don’t get swept off by big brands and labels since most of them have chemicals and synthetics which can have adverse effect on your hair and skin. Before trying out a product, check the composition.

(8) Wear a Hairstyle that complements your dressing and personality. Be careful while choosing hair-styling products.
Let your hair relax, don’t experiment too much with styling-it may cost you your hair!

(9) Healthy sleeping patterns can help you solve many hair problems, so get a good 7-8 hour sleep everyday.

(10) Get a hair massage once or twice a week since it stimulates and improves blood circulation in the scalp, which enhances hair growth.

Care for Oily Hair

Care for oily hair

  1. Do not use oils unless your hair gets extremely dry.
  2. Wash your hair with shampoo once in three days.
  3. Your attention should be on the head while massaging the shampoo.
  4. Divide your hair in two parts, put a little multani mitti powder through each section. Rub it well and keep it for ten minutes. Brush out your hair. Multani mitti absorbs most of grease and dirt and for this process your head should not be very dirty.
  5. Add a little vinegar to the final rinsing water to clean very properly.
  6. If left unwashed for long time it may cause spots on your face and back.

Cosmetic care for oily hair

Shampoo cleanser recipe:

Take some dry soap nuts and soak it in water for whole night. Mash them in morning and strain the soapy solution. Add few drops of patchouli essential oil. Instead of this process you can also add few drops of patchouli essential oil to your shampoo. It also works well but the first process is better.

Toning lotion:

Mix a tablespoon of malt vinegar in a glass of water. Add three drops of patchouli. Take one tablespoon of it on your hand. Massage withyour finger tips. Keep the lotion on for an hour. Rinse with cold water. Then brush and set your hair. Do this two times a week.

How To Trim Your Hair

Trimming your own bangs will keep your cut looking fresh.

Here’s how to do it at home:

First, grab a pair of mustache scissors. Style bangs as usual and clip back the rest of your hair. Start at the center of your bangs and work your way to outside.
With your fingers hold gently a small section of dry hair – only about 10 to 12 hairs at a time – straight down against your forehead. Don’t pull too tight or you’ll stretch the hair and end up cutting a lot more.
Trim and cut below your fingers to keep from cutting it shorter than you’d like.
When you are done trimming each section, comb it back into the rest of your bangs to check length (and that they are even) before moving on.
When you reach the end, return to the center and trim in the opposite direction until you are done.

Straighten Your Hair:

Some tips to straighten your curly hair

*         Wash gently and use conditioner for hair.
*        Blot dry. Hair should be almost dry when you begin.
*       Gather hair into several sections and secure or clip hair on top of your head. You will be drying the bottom layers first.
*        Follow the brush (with dryer) down the sections of hair as you straighten each section and be sure to keep the dryer moving.
*         Work your way up the layers until all sections are dried and straightened.
*      To curl the ends for a polished look, take your brush and pull the ends under. Finish your styling with a blast of cool air if your hairdryer has this capability.


*        Be sure to condition your hair often. Sun, cold temperatures plus the use of your hair dryer can damage your hair.
*        Use products formulated for your hair type and for good results.
*         Give your hair a break and allow it to dry naturally as often as possible.
*       Have split ends snipped every six weeks to two months to ensure that they don’t travel up the hair shaft.

How To Brush Long Hair Properly

Bend some forward, and allow your hair to fall over your forehead. With wooden base natural hair brush, bring hair from the nape of the neck over the head and down to the ends. Then, stand straight again with hair falling normally and brush from the underside of the hairline down the strands to the ends.

Now, brush the top layers into place with long, even strokes. After each stroke, smooth hair with hands to reduce static.

Increase the number of strokes weekly, increasing by one a week until you find a comfortable routine. If oiliness develops, reduce strokes.

Brush only when hair is dry. Hair is weakest when it is wet and brushing can easily damage. Even when hair is dry, always comb before brushing.  Having healthy hair is very much a requirement if you have to do any latest hairstyles.

Tips For Longer Hair

It is important not to panic and know the fact that hair falls at a rate of about 20-100 pieces per day, which is quite normal. The growth rate of hair however is a lot slower than its falling rate, that of just half an inch in a month. But the good news is that there are ways through which one can improve hair growth very easily.

First thing is that it is important not to lose weight quickly, because that also affects the hair and their health. The hair also becomes thinner besides falling a lot because of the loss in essential nutrients to keep them healthy. There should be maintenance in balance diet in order to keep your health of the body as well as hair sound. If you want to lose some weight then do it gradually by losing only one or two pounds a week.

The hair usually grow for about two to five years and then their pace of growth gets slower and then they would start going back after six weeks or so and then again would take rest for about three to five months and then they would be replaced by a completely new set of hairs. Mostly 15% of the hairs are in the resting phase.

The stress put a reversible hair loss and if you have experienced a physical or emotional stress, then it might take around three to four weeks to get to normal. So learn how to relax. If you have health related problems then you should take appropriate measures to address them. Hairs are just an indicator to your health. There are many nutritional deficiencies that cause the hair to grow slow and then to make them thin. There could be some hormonal issues which might be the cause behind all this. You should consult a doctor for this.

It is always better to use natural ayurvedic herbal hair oils. And massaging the hair on a daily basis is also very important to ensure their proper growth. With taking these suggested measures you can do some good to your hair.

The Best Way to Wash Your Hair - Hair Washing Tips

> Most of us think we have this all down pat, but for all we know, we can be wrong. As people have been washing their hair all their lives, how could they go wrong with something like that? Washing your hair in a wrong way can damage the hair without your knowing it.

> People should remember that each individual strand of hair is very important and weak no matter how thick your hair looks. It’s not only tugging and pulling which leads to hair breakage.

> The first thing is to comb your hair properly to open the tangles before you wet it so it would be easier to wash otherwise the tangles would get worst after washing. Wet your hair with warm water as that would open the scale-like cuticles of the hair. Then take a few drops of shampoo in the palm of your hand and rub the hands together and apply the shampoo on your scalp rather on the tips of hair as this would make the hair ends dry and weak. Avoid mixing the hair all over your head as this would tangle them up, now wash out all the dirt and oil. After that rinse your hair with cold water to close the cuticles.

> You need to wash your hair for the second time. The function of first shampoo is to clean the oil and dirt from your scalp and the second shampoo is for the treatment of your hair. Repeat the same process but let the shampoo be applied on your hair for 5 minutes then rinse it off completely. Squeeze water from your hair and avoid pulling them. Then apply some drops of conditioner at the nape and ends of the hair, and let stay on your hair for 5 minutes then rinse it off with water.

>The process may be long and tedious but if you want great hair it requires time and effort.

Hair Care Secrets

The way your hair looks can make or ruin your appearance completely. Beautiful hair completes any appearance. Your hairstyle has to be perfect for you to look your best.There are a few of hair care secrets that are very handy and will help you make your hair look wonderful. Read these hair care tips to make your hair look and stay they way you want them to.
oily hair

* Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Hair that has not been washed for a day or two is easier to style.
Infact washing your hair once every two or three days will actually make your hair healthy. Washing your hair everyday robs hair of essential oils and dries your scalp and hair.

* If you have oily hair squirt water at the roots. Water adds lift to the hair roots.
sea salt spray
You can sprinkle some baby powder to the roots of the hair as well. For dry coarse hair condition the ends of your hair well every time you wash them.

* If you want to tie your hair up in a bun, keep the bun loose. Finger comb your hair into a low disheveled bun.

* For sexy wavy hair use a sea salt spray.
Mix sea salts in water and fill a spray bottle. Squirt sea salt on damp hair, scrunch your hair and let it air dry. As most of us have hair that has a natural wave and the sea salts will bring it out.

* While blow-drying your hair finger comb your hair and separate the tangles with your fingers.
Dry your hair in this manner till your hair is almost dry and then use a brush.

* Bangs are the in thing. Layering hair with bangs is the perfect hairstyle.
Keep the bangs thick and heavy or choose side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs paired with long layers look beautiful.

* Coloring your hair is another hair treatment option. It is a nice change from the way you normally look.
But choose a hair color that will suit your skin color. Ask a professional to help you choose the right color for your skin tone.

* For shiny hair add a few drops of shine serum to water and squirt it on to your hair.

Stop Hair Fall With Home Remedies (Easy Tips)

Beauty Tips Info
Losing hair can be really stressful for any individual. Though hair loss is many mostly compared with men, it can positively start in women as well. Natural hair replacement remedies have been in contentment for those of we who would cite to grasp regrowth of hair naturally, as well as reanimate your physique from the inside out. All of the reduction have been healthy, full of health as well as cheap, straightforwardly accessible from your internal market, illness food stores.
  • Always keep your hair clean. It will protect them from dandruff, itching and hair lice, which ultimately results in hair fall.
  • Always use the shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type. As for oily hair, you should use a shampoo, which is meant for specifically for oily hair.
  • Give regular massages to your scalp and hair with lukewarm oil at least twice a month. You can choose coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil for your hair. You can even mix these oil and apply the solution on your hair.
  • If there is dandruff in your hair you can mix camphor cubes in coconut oil to massage on your hair and scalp. It helps in reducing the dandruff.
  • Rub a lime on your scalp if there is dandruff on your scalp, leave it for 10 minutes and shampoo the hair. You should use medicated dandruff shampoo and oil to apply on your hair when they are suffering from dandruff.
  • Never comb your hair when they are wet. The roots of the hairs are the weakest when they are wet.
  • Keep the hair wrapped in a towel for a while then let them dry in natural air as excess usage of hair dryer too damages the hair texture and makes them weak and then ultimately they fall.
  • When your hair is falling, make a mixture at home containing Amla, Shikakai and dry neem leaves. Grind them together and apply this paste on the hair before washing them off for a while.
  • Whipped eggs mixed in curd and henna powder help in preventing hair fall.
  • Eat healthy diet including green vegetables, dairy products and fruits.
  • Drinking coconut water prevents the hair fall.
  • You can make oil at home for falling hair. Boil henna and neem leaves in mustard oil till the leaves get almost dissolved in it. Let it cool and then filter. Add few camphor cubes to it and fill in a bottle. Use this oil to massage on your hair.
  • Mixture of almond oil, olive oil and castor oil is equally good to prevent and stop hair from further falling.
  • Get your hair trim every month so that there are no split ends left.
  • Include at least 2 nuts in your daily diet. They help a lot in strengthen the hair.
  • Avoid using too harsh clips or bands on the hair. Never make hair too tight.
  • Protect the hair from dust and sun. Cover your head while going in the direct sun.
  • Apply hair pack on your head at least once in a month. It can be henna paste, curd, eggs or a combination of all.
  • Wash your hair every time you apply some chemicals on your hair in form of styling gels, creams, sprays or lotions. The harmful chemicals in them damage the hair and make them to fall.
  • If you have got the bald patches on your head then apply onion on the bald patch by rubbing it and then apply honey over it. Leave it for few minutes and then wash off.
  • Boil fenugreek seeds in any of the hair oil of your choice as coconut oil or olive oil. Restrain it and fill it in a bottle. Use this oil to massage on your head. Its very helpful in reducing the hair loss.
  • Eating iron rich fruits and food helps in preventing the hair fall. Include apples, beetroots and jagary in your daily diet. They are rich in iron so help to prevent your hair fall.
  • Eating amla in any form or drinking its juice too helps in preventing hair fall.

How to Grow Hair Long Tips

Everyone wants to keep their hair healthy and long. Here are some of the useful tips on how to grow hair long.

◦When your hair grows, the spilt ends appear and damage the hair. So it is best to trim your hair regularly in every 8 to 10 weeks.
◦It is a best idea to apply condition on your hair everyday. It keeps our hair health and flexible.
◦Always use smooth and soft hair accessories and avoid metal parts that may damage your locks.
◦Do not use hair dryer regularly that will damage your hair.
◦Well diet is very essential for hair. Consume fat rich food like omega-3s which will keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny.
◦Always keep your hair clean and put natural oil on your scalp. It will help to grow your hair.
◦Do not tie your hair very tightly because there is a chance of hair loss. So make a loose ponytail.
◦It is a best way to wrap your tresses completely while you are sleeping and cover it with a scarf, which prevents from hair loss.
◦Do not comb your hair so fast, there is a chance of hair loss and damage.
◦Do not use chemicals and gel that can damage your hair.

How To Use Straightening Irons

Learn to use a hair straightening iron and let your hair speak your style statement. Straight hair is just a slide away.

Straight silky flowing hair is what most women desire. Hair is a women’s crowning glory which only appreciates with love and care. Hair care products and hair treatments have been around the world since ages. At present straight hair seems to have captured the hearts of millions of women. Today, a woman with the curliest of tresses can have the straightest of hair. It is no secret that a straightening iron can press out all those unruly waves and curls to a sleek, shiny mane.

Straight hair is easier to manage and there is a chic quality attached to them that makes them a hot favourite amongst women of all age groups.Straightening irons have now become an inseparable appliance for any beauty makeover. If you fancy straight hair but find it difficult to use straightening irons, read on to get some basic lessons on how to use a straightening iron.

Steps for using straightening iron
Here are some easy steps which will help you learn to use a straightening iron. Follow these simple tips and get lovely straight hair falling on your cheeks. This method keeps hair straight till the next shampoo. Sprinkling water and excessive sweating may bring back the waves. Avoid rains and running around too much to maintain the look.

1. Wash your hair using a good shampoo and a conditioner. Dry it using towel.

2. Apply hair protection products on your hair before straightening. You can use a combination of straightening balm and hair moisturiser or a hair serum. Avoid applying these products on the roots of hair.

3. Dry your hair properly before using straightening iron.

4. Brush your hair well so that the hair protection products applied are spread evenly through the hair.

5. Make several sections of your hair using clips.

6. Use thermal protection spray to protect your hair from heat. Spray it on the each section of hair from the distance of about one inch.

7. Plug your hair between the irons and glide it down to the end of hair, just like using a comb. You can use a comb to make this process easier. Start from the top exerting pressure and glide the iron towards the bottom of your hair. Repeat the process for all the sections of hair.

8. Apply smoothening product if possible after you finish straightening your hair. As frizzy hair gets settled your hair will appear smooth and attractive.

Now, that you know the process of hair straightening, all you need is a good hair straightening iron. Avoid using other heating appliances as it can cause hair fall and damage. Make sure that you buy a good ceramic coated hair straightening iron.

Frequent straightening of hair is not good for the health of your hair. You can try it for special occasions. Hair straightening exerts pressure on hair making it weak. So it is necessary that you take proper care of your hair. Oil your hair and massage it regularly to make your hair strong. When you use hair straightening irons, make sure that you also use proper hair care products thus preventing hair loss. All the best!

Home Remedies for Hair Care

Caring for hair is fast becoming a problem which can be dealt easily but people don’t understand it. There are tons and tons of home remedies and treatments which you can use to treat your hair which help you to look beautiful. This article is all about hair and there care… so if you are interested for your hair to look beautiful then this piece of writing is ideal for you.

Egg a perfect massager – when you want to take bathe or wash your hair then previous to this apply an egg on your hair gently massaging with it. The best advisable time for this in 30 minutes but as we all are very busy and can’t take out this much time so 10 to 15 minutes will do, but make sure you are giving quality time to it, which means just relax and concentrate in it. This will give amazing shine and health to your hair as this contains protein which you use directly on your hair.

Yogurt a perfect shampoo – while washing your hair if you apply yogurt then this will give an ultimate texture to your hair. The method of apply yogurt is simple just apply it on your scalp and hair then rinse with cold water thrice or twice. You will feel so much airy in your hair, and also shiny.

Lemon peel – For all those people who are suffering from dandruff lemon peel is perfect. Just peel the skin of lemon and start rubbing gently on your scalp. The citrus and the vitamin c of lemon peel will help you to fight against dandruff.

Carrot Puree - Make puree of carrots, just take 2 to 3 carrots and simply make its puree. Then when it cools down apply on your hair gently and softly and leave it for 30 minutes. When it dries out now rinse you hair very gently as this puree may harden your hair for a while. Remember whenever you are dealing with your hair with all the above type of techniques, then be very gentle as it may damage your hair if you do it harshly.

Hair Massages For Getting Hair Healthy

Hair massages and its importance:

Hair massage is extremely significant for the hair as it facilitate hair turn out to be additional bright and it construct the blood flow more rapidly which helps acquire nutrients in the skull which eventually makes your hair strong. If your hair is excessively oily at that time you must not massage your head excessively to a large extent for it have a tendency to create it still additional oily.

Hair Massage helps us to Relax

The best sign of your good health is the healthy and shimmering hair rising on your head. as well as, in view of the fact that very old times in Pakistan, hair massage is exercise in a variety of cultures as a cure for hair loss and to nurture healthy hair. In Pakistan hair massage is an older practice which is considered to be the best in lubrication and breaking in of the scalp and put off dehydrated scalp and flakes. The most important point of Hair massage is, it increases the blood flow of the skull and the neckline part of our body.

Hair massages encourage more growth of hair

Hair massage encourages original hair growth and in addition makes stronger the obtainable hair. Hair massages provision and makes softer the hair for this reason making it more convenient. Hair massage boosts the sheen and energy of the hair by thinning out the natural oil. Hair massage in addition looks after hair from the damaging effects of unsympathetic climate and the rays of sun. Hair massage rejuvenates and replenishes dry and damaged hair. It also prevents severe fragility and split-ends. Hair massage helps in relaxing muscles of the neck area as well. Hair massage supports sound sleep in the night. Hair massage helps uphold a strong blood circulation so the hair follicles search out what the nutrients they necessitate.

Be conscious despite the fact that that standard hair massage can add to the quantity of sebum produced in the hair follicle. Sebum is the usual oil formed by the corpse itself to defend the hair.

Hair Loss Remedy - Best Home Remedies For Hair Loss

For the treatment of hair loss:

you can also contact a hair loss specialist for more information.
Seeds of lime and black pepper ground together to a fine paste helps treat patchy baldness.
After you shampoo your hair, use the following tonic: take half cup
milk; add to this a tablespoon of cream. Beat it up. Apply on the scalp,
hair strands and hair ends. Leave it on for 15 mintues. Rinse and wash
well with water. This helps to get rid of split end.

The juice of kanta karika mixed with honey applied to the head acts as a hair tonic.
Beat 1 egg white until foamy. Add to 6 tablespoons plain natural
yogurt. Apply to hair in small sections at a time. Leave in for 15 minutes. Rinse.

Remedies for Dandruff

  1. Take a palm full of baking soda and rub it on your wet hair. Wash it off with water. The baking soda should relieve the itching and help in reducing the problem of dandruff . its gud for dry hair...

  2. Mix 2 teaspoons pure vinegar in 6 teaspoons water and apply it on the scalp before going to bed. Tie a towel around the head. Wash your head next morning. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Treat your hair like this once a week for at least three months for dandruff free hair...

  3. Mix 1 teaspoons lemon juice with 2 teaspoons vinegar and massage on the scalp. Wash your hair with an egg shampoo for dandruff free hair...

Hair Care in Winter

CWith the onset of winter, your hair tends to become dry and difficult to manage. Just like the way you pay attention to your hair during summer time and follow summer hair care tips , similarly, to avoid damage caused by the harsh winter dryness, proper protective measures need to be taken even during the winter. Here are some Winter Hair care Tips that can guide you about how to take special care for your hair during winter.
* Shield you hair with a hat, cap or scarf, slightly loose enough to allow scalp circulation, to protect your hair against the chill wind in winter.

Shield you hair with a hat

* Do not wash your hair using hot water as this can damage your hair to a great extent. Try using lukewarm or preferably cool water while washing your hair.

lukewarm water to wash hair

* Avoid shampooing your hair too often. In winter the hair as well as the scalp dry easily and shampooing too frequently can worsen the case.

Avoid shampooing your hair

* Apply a conditioner daily. A leave in conditioner can do wonder to dry and brittle hair.

Apply a conditioner daily

* Avoid using blow dryers, as they tend to dry and damage the hair to a great extent. Use such hot items for your hair, as little as possible. You can try using the cool mode in your dryer to dry your hair. Although this may take long than usual, but will cause less damage to your hair.

Avoid using blow dryers

* Using hot oil can be an effective measure towards protecting your hair in winter. You can try using a natural hot oil solution like jojoba hot oil treatment for your hair and it can excellently re hydrate your dry hair.

Using hot oil

* If your hair tends to become too dry during winter, try opting for a hair repair mask, which will help you replenish your hair to a great extent.
* Some intensive home made conditioners can also combat the winter dryness of hair.

Try using the above-suggested remedies to do away with your dry winter hair. With a little care and attention, you can make your crowning glory shine with all its natural health.
Using hot oil
Apply a conditioner daily
Avoid shampooing your hair

Basic Healthy Hair Tips

Achieving healthy hair is much easier with a few essential guidelines. The following are five of the most basic healthy hair tips that can help you get softer, more manageable hair:

1) Be gentle when using heat on your hair. Heat-styling is shine-killer, so whenever possible, allow hair to air dry naturally. If air drying is not an option, set your styling tools on a low setting. If you can let your hair partially air dry, you can at least eliminate a large portion of the heat styling, which will be that much better for your hair.

2) Limit the use of hair sprays and gels containing alcohol. These products will ultimately leave your hair dry and brittle. Anti-frizz serum is a great alternative to gel. The serum will smooth your hair and leave it shiny and manageable.

3) Avoid shampooing your hair every day. Shampoo strips away natural oils from the scalp, robbing your hair of shine. Ideally, hair should be washed every 3 days or so, depending on how dry or oily your hair tends to be. Brush hair every day to distribute the natural oils to the ends of you hair.
He is so good to us!
Creative Commons License photo credit: kelsey_lovefusionphoto

4) Utilize natural hair remedies. For example, extra virgin olive oil can work miracles on dry, unruly hair. Adding a few drops to your normal conditioner will leave your hair silky smooth. Olive oil can also be used on clean, damp hair as a serum. Simply rub a few drops between your palms, and apply to you hair before styling.

5) Deep conditioning is one of the most effective hair care tips to keep hair healthy. To dramatically improve the look and feel of your hair, use a deep conditioner once a week. Avoid rinsing with hot water if possible. Instead, rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticle and improve shine. A deep conditioner helps to protect your hair, keep it flexible and strong so that you have less breakage in between treatments.

These tips for healthy hair can be adjusted depending on your hair’s unique type, texture, and style. Nurture your hair, and the payoff will be healthy, shiny locks that you can be proud of.

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