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Don’ts Of Eye Care

  1. Don’t wear contact lenses for extended periods of time or overnight as this leads to complication.
  2. Don’t rub eyes frequently as this can cause an eye infection as few of us bother to wash our hands before touching our eyes.
  3. When you splash water do not do this furiously believing doing this will take away tiredness instead wash gently as splashing may hurtle the smallest dust particles or an allergen which may minutely damage the cornea.
  4. Use disposable tissues instead of handkerchiefs to wipe eyes, as they are more hygienic.
  5. Don’t sit near than 15 feet from the television and keep your book at least two feet away for stronger eye muscles.
  6. Use cream based eye makeup as powdery eye shadows can enter eyes and, cause irritation. Be very gentle in case you wear lenses.
  7. Avoid using aerosol products like hairspray if you wear lenses.
  8. Don’t use your mascara for more than a year.

Eyebrows Thinning Tips

Best tips and tricks on eyebrows thinning

  • Powder creates both volume and color. Volume not just color is badly needed in sparse areas.
  • Color alone (via pencils can look too harsh). Most people truly won’t know what you have done. Expect to hear “What have you done to your hair?”
  • Stick with thinner shapes as they will look more natural.
  • Combining powder with the stencil helps create a perfect brow edge- a must in getting a natural looking effect.
  • If you have very little brow hair to start the puff brush works best to evenly and lightly spread out the powder over the stencil hole area.
  • If you have some brow hair present, an angled brush works best to accurately and lightly place the powder in the areas that require it.
  • The stencil works together with the powder to create an edge that is soft yet visible. It is this edge that helps create the illusion of hair being present.
  • Lightly placing translucent face powder over your brow area once you are done will both soften the look and help hold the powder especially if you have very oily skin.  

Things that helps in stimulating eyebrow regrowth – eyebrow thining inducers

Products that stimulate hair growth usually work in one of two ways. They either effect the hormones, which can stimulate hair growth (as in say propecia). When it comes to hair growth no one ingredient has proven effective for all individuals, all the time. Individuals respond to different treatments in different ways. What may work for one person may be ineffective in another, and so on.
One’s genes are the usual but not the only cause of thinning eyebrows. Other causes of permanent hair loss in the eyebrow region involve aggressive eyebrow hair tweezing, burns, trauma, alopecia areata (which can occur anywhere), and even leprosy. The cosmetic effect especially on a young woman can be devastating.
Androgenetic hair loss is caused in woman having too much androgen in thier blood. This is a genetic condition to many women starting at about the pre-menopausal phase of their life. It is common for them to see an increase in facial hair at the same time.

How to Apply Mascara

How to Apply Mascara...

There are a couple of ways to apply mascara. Although eye shadows define and dramatize your eyes, only your eyelashes are in a position to actually reflect colour into the eyes. So, to emphasize the colour of your eyes, you must frame them with an appropriate shade of mascara.

Step 1 - First look down and brush the top lashes from the roots downwards; then look up and brush the top lashes upwards. Then still looking up, brush colour on the lower lashes;

Step 2 - Wait a minute for them to dry, and similarly apply a second coat.

Step 3 - After applying the mascara, brush with a clean dry brush, to separate the lashes. You should not, however, have a lot of problem with sticking of your eye lashes if you're applying less than two coats.

Younger Looking Eyes

Do you know what is actually beauty means?What is true beauty and how can you achieve it?You have your own answer regarding to these questions,but Here I must say everyone is beautiful but some body attract us more.We just need to find the ways to enhance our beauty and natural enhance feature help us more to get result.Here we give you a key tip to get younger look.

Enhance Your Eyes Beauty:

You can get more attractive look by adding some thing more in your daily make up.You eyes make you more young to look and give you confidence.
  • Your eyelashes can make your eyes smile as the secret of twinkling eyes is in the long curl eyelashes.
  • To enhance your eyelashes you can apply artificial or false eyelashes.This is the great way to enhance your eye look if you have thin or short eyelashes.
  • Pick out the good mascara,preferably one that doesn’t clump.Apply double coat of mascara,then curl your lashes with lashes curler.
  • Apply white eye line just under the lower eyelid this will make your eyes more brighter and give you more fresh and younger look.
  • Apply concealer under your eyes give your eyes a sport and make you look ten years younger.
  • An artistic way to apply eyeliner is very important to get more femininity look.
Take good care of your body as you body is yours and you have to take care of it with style.

How to Get Beautiful Long Lashes

Ever see a two-year-old boy with long, curly lashes and think life isn’t fair, because your lashes are short and sparse?
Well, good news is that anyone can have lengthier, eye-enhancing lashes. These tips should help you get dramatic, beautiful long lashes.
Start with clean, dry lashes.
Use a high-quality lash curler.
Starting at the base of the lash with a down-cast eye, put a gentle but firm amount of pressure on lashes.
Count to five and genlty increase pressure with each beat.
Move to the center of the lash and repeat the process.

5 Natural Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes!

Eyes are the most precious possessions for every one. They are the first things that are mainly noticed and are better sources to express your emotions and moods.

If you take good care of your eyes, it really counts much and your eyes shine with your inner self-confidence.

Now-a-days, you can find countless number of eye care kits, cosmetics and make up.

But, as you know, eyes are most sensitive parts of your body; it is always preferred to go for natural beauty treatments rather than synthetic.

A good natural eye cream can help you to keep your eyes healthy and sparkling.

There are many natural ways to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. Some of the most effective and natural ways include:

Using cucumber: Cucumber mainly contains Vitamin A and C, magnesium and calcium, which are very helpful for eyes. It is significantly known for its soothing properties and works effective in your routine eye care. It helps you to relax your eyes and reduces redness of your eyes. You can use cucumber water or thin slices of cucumber to apply on the skin around your eyes, particularly if your skin looks dry in that particular area.

Green veggies: Eat lots of green vegetables in your diet. Experienced ophthalmologist and many health experts recommend fresh green vegetables to improve eye sight and also to maintain striking eye. Spinach, collard greens, kale are rich in anti-oxidant properties and help you to preserve your eye health.

Milk: Milk is natural and also safe cleanser for your eyes. Take a clean cotton ball and dip in milk. Use this dipped cotton ball to clean your eyes. If you have dry skin around your eyes, milk helps to avoid dryness around your eyes and gives you more refreshing look.

Rose water: Like milk, rose water can be used for cleansing your eyes. It eliminates dirt and harmful pollutants from your eyes and induces fresh glow to your eyes. So, if you want to induce glow and eliminate dirt from your eyes, using a dropper insert two drops of rose water in your eyes and relax for few minutes.

Agrimony leaves: Add dried leaves or flowers of this plant to boiled water. After the infusion is strained, use it for bathing your eyes. This reduces swelling or itching of your eyes.

Remedies For Dark Eye Circles

Try one home remedy at a time to get rid of the dark circles.

Remedy 1: Put slices of oil-rich avocado under each eye.
Remedy 2: Raw potato is yet another very useful aid. Put thin slices of raw potato over dark circles at least twice or thrice a day, every day.
Remedy 3: Grate raw potatoes, add few drops of water, wrap it in a clean cloth and spread it over your eyelids.
Remedy 4: Mix ground almonds and milk and apply under the eyes.
Remedy 5: Crush parijat flowers (night jasmine) (see pic), mix with curds and apply this pack under your eyes for 10 minutes. Then wash off with cold water.
Remedy 6: You may also try applying orange juice and glycerine around the eyes.
Remedy 7: Mix equal parts of tomato juice and lemon juice and apply.
Remedy 8: You can also apply mint (pudina) juice around your undereye area for treating your dark circles.
Remedy 9: Grated cucumber placed over your eyelids and around your eyes helps. You can also dab cotton pods in the cucumber juice and place it over your eyelids. This would work too.
Remedy 10: Mix equal quantities of cornflour and yogurt and apply.
Remedy 11: Mix a tsp of castor oil with 1 tsp of milk cream (malai) and massage it around the eyes.
Remedy 12: Make a paste of rose petals with milk and apply this paste around the eyes.
Remedy 13: Use this home made under eye cream for your dark circles. Works like a charm.
Remedy 14: Break a soft gel vitamin E capsule, and apply a little oil to your undereye rings. I like to dab some pearl powder onto my skin, then gently rub in the oil. Makes my eyes look brighter.

Ankhon Ki Sehat Aur Dilkashi

Beauty Tips For Healthy Beautiful Eyes

How To Make Glow in your Eyes

Beautiful eyes:

Glow in the eyes basically makes your personality more charming than ever before. you must be thinking that glow in eyes would be natural and one can never get that glow in eyes. Because, it is strictly considered as the natural beauty element.

The most interesting thing is, the above concept of natural eye lashes curl is no more a natural thing. However, almost every women or men whose eye lashes are curly may not because of natural curl but it is possible due to eye lashes curler.

Eye Lashes curler:

By means of an eyelash curler unwrap your eyes, which formulate them give the impression of being brighter and gives the intuition of elongated eyelashes. This is grand for public by means of actually small eyelashes or for people whose lashes grow in descending order.

Apply makeup before using curler:

To begin with always check and confirm that your lashes are dirt free and dried out, otherwise it may cause disease. Decide on which color of eye shadow you wanted to apply, and then apply gently. If you are using liquid eye shadow then wait for it to dry and then apply your eyeliner, but, keep in mind don’t apply your mascara up till now. This is a frequent blunder with curling your eyelashes; it possibly will smash up and deteriorate your eyelashes.

How to use eye Lashes Curler:

While applying curler on your lashes to curl eye lashes do check that the curler must be in parallel situation off your eyes. Only in parallel position you will get the real and fine look of curl eye lashes. Lay it above your eye lashes in anticipation of it is approximately stirring the bottom of your eyelashes. Take care that it is not in reality stirring the skin, otherwise it may create problems and the look become unnatural and artificial. So this is the easy solution to get a natural eye curl and look amazing with this look.

Alternative to eye lashes Curler:

If you do not want to use eye lashes curler then there is a substitute for you to use. In the form of hot roller. Just apply it on your lashes as you do your hair.

Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

It is a pretty well established fact that if you want to enhance your natural features, you need to use makeup such as mascara. Color in the form of eyeshadow and eyeliner can also go a long way to add to the look.
Why Choose Mascara For Sensitive Eyes?

But what if you have sensitive skin? The wrong makeup can make your eye sensitive, or at least more sensitive than it already is. However, the right cosmetics, mascara included, can go a long way in making your eyes less irritated.

Here is a short list of properties that mascara for sensitive eyes have in common:

* Enhances features without irritation.
* Dermatologist tested and approved by Ophthalmologists.
* Made from special ingredients that won’t cause sensitivity.

Dark circles under eyes tip

1. Take one teaspoon tomato juice, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric (haldi) powder & a little gram flour (besan). Make a paste & apply. Leave for 10 minute & wash off.

2. Drink tomato juice with a few mint leaves, little lemon juice & salt w Soak cotton wool in cucumber (kheera) or potato juice & apply around the eyes. You will find a change in 2-3 weeks.

3. Eyes strain due to TV watching

4. Boil ½ teaspoon fennel seeds (saunf) in a cup of water till it is reduced to half. Cool. Use as eye drops (Caution: Beware of contamination).

How to cure puffy eyes

A lot of our readers have asked for solutions to puffy eyes. Following tips are some of the tips that have helped our friends in reducing puffy eyes:

Place cold cucumber slices on your eyes. It is the cold temperature that is helping rather than the product itself. The aroma, however, can be soothing and relaxing. Slice them into discs and let them float in cool tap water for a few minutes. Shake them off well before applying to your eyes.
  • Use cold, refrigerated used tea bags. Like the cucumber slices, the coolness reduces circulation, but the tea actually has a slightly astringent (tissue-shrinking) effect as well.
  • For a less messy alternative, try putting 2 metal tablespoons in the fridge and use them daily by placing the backs against your eyes.
  • Rinse your face in cool water and pat dry.
  • Furthermore, get good sleep, elevate your head while sleeping and amongst other things reduce salt intake, drink cabbage or cranberry juice and exercise regularly.

How To Make Eyebrows Grow Faster

Apply castor oil on your eyebrows every night before sleep. If your eyelashes are short then apply them on your eyelids too.
Castor oil darkens the brow and promotes hair growth.
1. Grab a small soft-bristled toothbrush
...2. Determine with part of your eyebrows you want to grow
3. Rub firmly over the area in small circles but not too hard. You could end up just irritating the skin!
4. Continue rubbing for about 3-5 minutes...

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