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Face And Body Pack With Lemon And Milk

A fresh lime may be squeezed into a cup of milk to which a teaspoon of glycerin may be added. Stir well. Apply it on your face, neck, hands, legs and feet, an hour before retiring to bed. Keep it on for half an hour and then wash off. This application every night will make the skin look younger and beautiful. This application works well on pimples and scars, is good for cracked soles and palms, dryness of face and hands, and sun-burn.

How To Get Fair Skin Naturally


Men and Women constantly try to enhance their complexion by using various skin products available in the market. While the costs of such products are prohibitively high the results are far from satisfactory. Here are a few tips to improve your complexion and get a fair and smooth skin by using natural products and therapy.

* Wash your face and neck with cold and soft water every three hours without using any soap.

* Take cold water bath twice a day in the morning and evening.
* Vigorously rub a few drops of gingili oil with cold water till it becomes a white substance and then apply the same on your face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then take bath or wash your face.
* Grind tender neem leaves into a smooth paste and apply the same on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and wash your face with soft water.
* Applying unpeeled green gram flour on the face and body as a substitute for soaps regularly at least for three months will turn your complexion smooth and fair besides keeping the body cool.
* Applying fresh lemon juice on the face will not only remove scars and black spots but also enhances the complexion and makes the skin smooth.
* Prepare a paste of sandal wood by grinding on a grinding stone and use it regularly on the face and neck. After applying allow it to dry and wash your face after a few hours for a glowing complexion and pleasant odor throughout the day.
* Use of home made turmeric paste also improves the quality of skin.
* For a brighter skin apply coconut milk or two days old curd on the face regularly for 30 days continuously.

All the above tips are both remedies and preventive care in protecting the skin as well as enhancing the complexion in a natural way.

5 Natural Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes!

Eyes are the most precious possessions for every one. They are the first things that are mainly noticed and are better sources to express your emotions and moods.

If you take good care of your eyes, it really counts much and your eyes shine with your inner self-confidence.

Now-a-days, you can find countless number of eye care kits, cosmetics and make up.

But, as you know, eyes are most sensitive parts of your body; it is always preferred to go for natural beauty treatments rather than synthetic.

A good natural eye cream can help you to keep your eyes healthy and sparkling.

There are many natural ways to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. Some of the most effective and natural ways include:

Using cucumber: Cucumber mainly contains Vitamin A and C, magnesium and calcium, which are very helpful for eyes. It is significantly known for its soothing properties and works effective in your routine eye care. It helps you to relax your eyes and reduces redness of your eyes. You can use cucumber water or thin slices of cucumber to apply on the skin around your eyes, particularly if your skin looks dry in that particular area.

Green veggies: Eat lots of green vegetables in your diet. Experienced ophthalmologist and many health experts recommend fresh green vegetables to improve eye sight and also to maintain striking eye. Spinach, collard greens, kale are rich in anti-oxidant properties and help you to preserve your eye health.

Milk: Milk is natural and also safe cleanser for your eyes. Take a clean cotton ball and dip in milk. Use this dipped cotton ball to clean your eyes. If you have dry skin around your eyes, milk helps to avoid dryness around your eyes and gives you more refreshing look.

Rose water: Like milk, rose water can be used for cleansing your eyes. It eliminates dirt and harmful pollutants from your eyes and induces fresh glow to your eyes. So, if you want to induce glow and eliminate dirt from your eyes, using a dropper insert two drops of rose water in your eyes and relax for few minutes.

Agrimony leaves: Add dried leaves or flowers of this plant to boiled water. After the infusion is strained, use it for bathing your eyes. This reduces swelling or itching of your eyes.

Treatment for Wrinkles Around Lips

Lip wrinkles are the fine or deep lines that occur around the mouth and lips. As we get older this area is often one of the first to develop wrinkles. Like most wrinkles on the face, sun exposure, genetics and smoking (smokers lines) are strong contributors to the development of these wrinkles.

Unfortunately these wrinkles progressively worsen with time, often making individuals look older. No matter how accepting one may be of the natural aging process, perioral wrinkles are the least tolerated.

Natural TreatmentsThe natural ways for curing wrinkles around lips are:
Tomato: Place a slice of tomato on the skin for a minute. This is quite effective in case of wrinkles around lips
Avocados: Place a slice of Avacado on your face, especially on the dry parts. It helps in increasing oil production and makes the skin look young.
Honey: Applying honey on the affected areas will also give good results.

Natural Facial Hair Remover (Face)

This recipe will remove facial hair.

You will need :
  • Egg white
  • Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Corn Flour- 1/2 tsp

Blend the egg white with sugar and corn flour. Blend it well until it becomes a sticky paste. Apply the mixture to your face. When it dries gently peel it off. Repeat this three to four times a week.

Natural ways of making lips pink and smooth

One of our readers recently asked how to get pink lips naturally. So we decided to get some information for all of you. Following are some of the tips you can use to get beautiful pink lips naturally.

Rose Petals
Crush four, five petals of red rose and coat the paste on the lips. Apart from instant reddening, it will also give smoothness to the lips. Apply every day, 2-3 times, to find yourself with luscious lips. You can make a lip balm too, by mixing crushed rose petals with milk cream. Mix it thoroughly and apply it on the lips for twenty minutes and then wash it off. You will be left with soft and supple lips.

Beetroot Juice
Applying beetroot juice is the best way to make your lips pink. It works like wonder. Grind beetroot in mixer, after washing it thoroughly, and strain the juice. Keep it in fridge. Apply it on the lips for twenty minutes, 3-4 times a day, and then wash it off. If you want to go natural, you can put this juice on lips before you go out. It will work as a lipstick and will work wonder on your lips as well.

The natural ghee not only brings taste to your food, but will also help you make your lips smooth, pink and full. Rub a little warm ghee on your lips, 2-3 times daily. If you’re suffering from chapped lips, then this recipe is surely for you. Ghee is very good for weather-stricken chapped, dry lips.

Olive Oil/Clove Oil
Daub a little olive oil on a small ball of cotton and apply it on the lips, before bathing. After a few minutes, wash it and let the lips dry. You wouldn’t need a lip balm for the whole day. Similarly, you can apply clove oil on your lips, which has antiseptic properties and heals chapped and dry lips in no time.

Mustard Oil
Mustard Oil comprises of an old remedy for dry lips, but only few people apply it. Before going to sleep, pour a few drop of mustard oil on your belly button and massage it slightly. See the effect in the morning. It will heal the chapped, bleeding lips, making them soft and smooth.

Healthy/ Vitamin A Rich Diet
Nothing beats a proper healthy diet, when it comes to pink and smooth lips. Incorporate vitamin A rich food in your diet and drink lots of water. Avoid smoking, as it not only blackens the lips, but also ruins your health. Include juices, fruits and dairy products in your diet.

Exfoliation is very important, if you want your lips to be soft and smooth. Mix olive oil and sugar together, in equal amounts, and blend them thoroughly. Dab the mixture on the lips. With the help of a soft toothbrush, gently exfoliate it. You can apply lemon juice with sugar too. Leave it for half an hour and then rub it with little strokes of brush. Rinse off with cold water. Honey and sugar also would work as a great exfoliator. You will be amazed at how soft your lips become.

Homemade Recipes For Lip Balm

Mix a few drops of coconut oil, lemon juice, lemon oil and bees wax. Warm the mixture and pour it in a glass jar. Don’t overheat it, as it will lose its beneficial effects. Keep the glass jar with you and dab your lips with it, whenever necessary.
Mix bees wax, apricot kernel oil and calendula oil. Warm them in double boiler and then add a few drops of orange essential oil. Store in a glass jar and use it when necessary.
You can mix beeswax, castor oil and sesame oil and warm them in double boiler. Add a few drops of beetroot juice and store for further use.

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