Home Remedies for Facial Hair Removal

Female body does not look good with hair on body and face. However, they grow remarkably in some females. Know all the available hair removal treatment. Homemade remedies for facial hair and hair on other parts of the body are given. Try these facial and body hair removal tips that can be done at home using simple ingredients.

Home Remedies for Facial Hair Removal:
  1. Apply the paste of sugar, lemon and water on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash your face. It is very effective for your skin.
  2. Prepare a paste by taking one table spoon of lemon juice and four tea spoons of honey. Then apply it on your face in the direction of hair growth and leave it for 15 minutes. Clean your face. Apply two times in a week. It will keep your face fresh and remove the unwanted hair growth.
  3. Application of the mixture of turmeric powder and milk on the face is also a good hair removal home remedy.
  4. Make a paste with half corn flour, one tea spoon of sugar and an egg white. Apply it on your face and let it be dry. Wash your face with cold water.
  5. You can apply shaving method for instant hair removing. But in this process hair growth occur quickly.
  6. Tweezing is another method of hair removal, but it is little bit painful.
  7. You can use depilatory creams and gels on your skin for hair removing. But these are not suits in all skin. So skin test is essential before using these products.
  8. Waxing is good hair removal process. In this process hair does not grow quickly. It is good to apply hot or cold wax in every 4 to 6 weeks.
  9. Electrolysis is one of the permanent hair removal processes, where hair can be remove from the root.
  10. Laser is the other method of hair removing. But it is very expensive. If you are planning for laser then discuss with a good hair professional.
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